Society Prize Winners | CNSF Congress

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2024 Society Prize Winners!

The Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation is pleased to acknowledge the 2024 Society Prize Winners. Expanded abstracts submitted for a society prize are judged on merit, by a board of faculty members in each society. Judges were impressed by the high quality of this year's submissions.

Winners will be presenting their work at the CNSF Congress, during the Grand Rounds session on Friday, May 24th between 9am and noon.

The abstracts from these submissions, and all other CNSF accepted abstracts for the 2024 Congress, will be announced in the Neuro|News Annual Edition, and published within the CNSF Congress Abstract supplement within the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences (CJNS).

Fatema AlZamanan | CNS André Barbeau Memorial Prize
“Obesity and multiple sclerosis severity: a Mendelian randomization study”

Seyed-Mohammad Fereshtehnejad | CNS Francis McNaughton Memorial Prize
“Distinct Longitudinal Brain Atrophy Trajectories in Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Subtypes: Insight Towards Precision Medicine”

Alexander Landry | CNSS K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize for Basic Neuroscience Research
“Establishing the utility of multi-platform liquid biopsy by integrating the CSF methylome and proteome in CNS malignancy”

Justin Wang | CNSS K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize for Clinical Neuroscience Research
“Meningioma molecular classification predicts response to surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy: an integrated clinicomolecular analysis & prospective validation”

Ronda Lun | CACN President's Prize
“Circadian Rhythm Influences Ischemic Core and Penumbra Volumes in Pediatric and Young Adult Populations – A Nationwide Cohort of 831 CT Perfusion scans”


Ian R. Macdonald | CSNR Society Prize
“Standardized Approach to Direct First Pass Aspiration Technique for Endovascular Thrombectomy: Description and Initial Experience with CANADAPT”