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The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences (CJNS) is the official publication of the six Member Societies of the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF); The Canadian Neurological Society (CNS), Canadian Neurosurgical Society (CNSS), Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists (CSCN), Canadian Association of Child Neurology (CACN), Canadian Society of Neuroradiology (CSNR) and the Canadian Stroke Consortium (CSC).

The CJNS is a widely circulated, internationally recognized medical journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles across all areas of the clinical neurosciences. The Journal will consider submissions involving clinical or translational research with human participants, as well as selected preclinical articles with a clear link to neurological illness and its treatment. Articles are published in English with abstracts in both English and French. The Journal is published in January, March, May, July, September, and November in an online format.

The first Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences was published in 1974 in Winnipeg. In 1981, the CJNS journal became
the official publication of the member societies of the CNSF.


Today, the CJNS journal continues to encourage the publication of papers from all branches of the neurosciences. Journal policy is based on the firm belief that specialists working on the nervous system share many common interests and have important ideas to communicate to each other.

The CJNS journal publishes original work in both the clinical and basic neurosciences. The circulation is currently 9,500 and consists of society members, non-members and institutions in Canada, the United States and abroad.

CNSF Members have exclusive access to the most current year of publication. All other articles are open access.


The CJNS and the CNSF are very pleased to introduce our new Editor-in-Chief.


New Editor-in-Chief!


Dr. Tejas Sankar will be the new Editor-in-Chief, taking over from Dr. Robert Chen. Congratulations.


Our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Robert Chen for his decade-long tenure as head of the Journal, which has been an overwhelming success.


We look forward to the continued success of the CJNS under Dr. Sankar’s new leadership. Read more...

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CJNS is a hybrid journal, meaning it offers authors the option to publish open access for a fee (article processing charge, or APC). CNSF membership offers a 50% discount on Cambridge’s standard APC of US$ 3255 (US$ 1628). CJNS is also a part of Cambridge’s robust Transformative Agreement program, meaning eligible authors will be able to publish open access at no additional charge to them. Please visit our online tool to check if your institution is part of a Transformative Agreement: Open access waivers and discounts (

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