Distinguished Service Award | CNSF

This is an award given to a senior member of the CNSF who has made an outstanding, notable or special contribution to the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation, and to one or more of the Federation’s Societies and/or the CJNS (Journal); either through participation in the CNSF’s committees, involvement in the Congress, the performance of administrative duties, or involvement in promoting the CNSF and its member societies.

2024 Recipient - Dr. Joseph Megyesi

 2023 Recipient - Dr. Draga Jichici

2022 Recipient - Dr. Sharon Whiting

2019 Recipient - Dr. Jeanne Teitelbaum

2018 Recipient - Dr. Ian Fleetwood

2017 Recipient - Dr. Kristine Chapman

2016 Recipient - Dr. G Bryan Young

2015 Recipient - Dr. Garth Bray

Published within the CNSF Neuro|News Annual Editions.